Some days I’m torn and hurting and wish I hadn’t messed up my whole life while bringing an innocent and perfect little boy into my mess.

But some days when I least expect it, he grabs my hand and looks at me and says “I love you.” Or he snuggles close beside me on the couch. Or he asks me to read him a book. Those days are the ones I live for. Those days make me feel whole, likes I’m doing what I’m supposed and maybe I haven’t messed up as badly as I think I have.

I love you
Willingly and openly
With all I have and can muster to give to you
It’s not much
Myself, I mean

But you love me too
With even, temperate, solid words
Blossoming, fervent kisses
On hands, fingers, cheeks, lips, ears
With gallant laughter that resonates from a deep well of joy and happiness

I love you
Tenderly, overwhelmingly
Impossibly, fully
And completely

I love you
With my hands and my heart
(Touches and poems)
With my lips and my brain
(Kisses and arguments)
I could never say it enough

Three words to lose myself in
Three words to tangle and knot
Around us
Three words to free me

I love you.